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The main purpose for establishing this industry in Awka is to bring development closer to the rural populace and to contribute immensely to the industrialization of Anambra State, Nigeria. We recognize the need for us to be innovative, in order to stand out among the best. For this reason, we lead the way in research and development and fostering a massive stride in excellent community relations. This innovation in several areas of our process has contributed in no small way in the growing number of our customers, across the Country and perfect management of our projects and budget. As we focus on growing this business to Olympian standard, we rely on the inexhaustible experience of our management team and the maintenance of qualified technical and factory staff. The Management team works very closely with our team of Engineers, customers’ relations, managers and the line workers to ensure that our service and products are second to none. We take great delight in keeping efficient and ethical Manufacturing system as the bedrock of business strategy. Since customers’ satisfaction is our policy, we have continued to develop new and excellent way of producing exceptional products that will serve the dual purpose of satisfying our retinue of customers and the supreme sustainability of our cooperate name and existence. We have set for ourselves, strategy, projects for the coming years considering the many needs of our environment. -Mrs Maria Okwy, Chairman.

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Friends Industries Limited strength lies inherently in its human resources, strategic planning, focused leadership and commitment to new product developments. We have built a highly recognized and respected brand with a reputation for providing value and quality. Our manufacturing facilities are of International Standard, having reputation for providing consistent quality which invariably has given us an edge over most of our competitors. The Company is managed by highly experienced and professional individuals from the industry and wholly indigenous. The company is about to embark on its planned second phase project which requires the introduction of Roto Moulding products and PVC Ceiling profiles. .

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